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Care Instructions

Wooden furniture

  • For long durability of wooden furniture, please avoid excessive exposure of wooden pieces to sunlight, heat or cold.
  • Moisture and heat can damage any wood finish. Use of coasters and trivets is advisable to protect your furniture. Moisture should be wiped out promptly and should be immediately dried with soft cloth
  • Try using all-purpose cleaner for spot cleaning by spraying on effected area and use dry soft cloth for cleaning.
  • It is observed that wood expand and contract with changes in seasonal humidity. Maintaining consistent humidity levels will minimize movement in the wood and prevent warping.
  • dragging sharp or rough objects across the surface of your wood furniture as it might lead to scratches. Use adhesive felt pads, trivets, coasters and placemats to help prevent scratches.
  • Over time, air and sunlight will change the color of natural wood so occasionally rotate the items placed on your wood furniture to allow a more uniform color to develop.
Wooden Furniture Care Instructions

Upholstery - Fabric Sofas/Wing Chairs/Dining Chairs

  • It is observed that dust and dirt causes fabric to wear fastly so regular vacuuming is recommended with an upholstery attachment. It keeps pet hair at bay and minimizes odour also.
  • Direct sunlight should be avoided in case of upholstered furniture as it may leads to fading. Dark fabrics and natural fibers like cotton are more vulnerable to fading
  • Half yearly professional cleaning is recommended in case of upholstered furniture
  • Treat stains immediately for the best results. Blot up as much of the spill as possible with a clean, dry, white cloth working from the outer edge to the center of the stain. Don't rub as strain may work more into fabric. Use a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting to evenly dry the fabric and prevent moisture rings.
Fabric Sofas/Wing Chairs/Dining Chairs Care Instructions

Leather & Leatherette Furniture

  • Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can fade leather/leatherette and might also cause cracks in leather so it is advisible to avoid intense sunlight.
  • For longevity of leather, use a leather conditioner when the leather feels dry. Leather conditioner should not be used on oiled and waxed wood as it can darken the wood color. Hard chemicals should not be used for cleaning leather products as they may damage the product
  • Do not use water to remove oil-based stains on leather. Blot with a dry, clean, white cloth. The spot will dissipate into the leather over time. In case of spills, dab the spot gently with a clean, damp cloth and wipe dry. Please do not rub at the stain vigorously.
  • Use dry cloth for routine cleaning of leather furniture
Leather Furniture Care Instructions

Mirrors & Glass

  • Dragging sharp or rough objects across the glass surface should be avoided as it may leads to scratches and marks. Use of trivets, coasters and placements helps in preventing scratches.
  • Use mild glass cleaner for cleaning and use of harsh, abrasive cleaners should be avoided, also do not use scrappers and razor blades to clean glass.
  • In case of colored glass:- Use of a gentle glass cleaner is recommended in case of stubborn spots. It is suggested to spray the cloth first to avoid drips, which can damage the film-coated underside of the glass.
  • Accumulation of dust particles over glass surface should be avoided as it may leads to minute scratches on the glass.
Mirror and Glass Care Instructions


      • Dust over bulbs of lamps can reduce the quality of light so periodic cleaning of bulbs surface is recommended.
      • In case of lamps with fabric shades use of soft bristle brush is recommended. Use of handheld vacuum cleaner will help in desired cleaning.
    Other types of lamps & their care instructions are as under:-
      • Lampshade with Plastic Lining:- Damp cloth cleaning is recommended
      • Paper Lamp Shades:- Simple dusting and cleaning should be done with dry microfiber cloth
      • Lampshades with Glass base:- Cleaning of glass should be done with the help of glass cleaner and use of soft cloth is recommended for wiping glass surface. Surface should be immediately dried using a soft towel.
      • Lampshades with stainless steel base:- Base should be cleaned with the help of warm water and soft cloth. Moistened surface should be immediately dried with the help of soft towel.
      • Brass Lamps:- Over time patina might develop on brass surface which adds to the look and feel of lamp. But in case of retaining original shine, use of detergent and warm water is recommended and cleaning should be done with soft cloth. Any residual of soap should be removed by cleaning through dry soft cloth
    Lamp Care Instructions

    Marble & Stones

    • Marble is a porous material and it is observed that it quickly absorb spills on the surface. Blotting of spills is recommended to minimize staining.
    • Use of abrasive cleaners, chemical solvents, strong detergents, cleaners with bleach and furniture polish should be avoided for cleaning
    • Use of trivets, coasters, placements is recommended to help prevent scratches.
    • Over time marble surface will develop platina which will adds to the character of marble surface.
    • Acidic cleaners should not be used as acid reacts to marble and may damage its original look and feel.
    Marble Stones Care Instructions

    Brass/Brass Items

    • Use of warm water and mild detergent is preferred for cleaning dirty brass surface. Use soft cloth for cleaning and drying surface.
    • Brass polish can be used for making surface shiny and use of gloves is recommended for avoiding finger prints marks. Brass polish is abrasive, so be careful not to rub off delicate engravings or scratch a brass-plated piece.
    • For applying brass protective coat use of lacquer is suggested. A thin layer should be applied and drips should wipped off before they get dried. After application it should be kept separate till it gets dry and fingerprints in the meanwhile should be avoided
    Brass Items Care Instructions

    Metallic Items

    • Periodic dusting and cleansing help maintain shine and original look & feel of metallic items.
    • Cleaning can be done with the help of mild detergent & warm water solution. Clean surface with the help of soft cloth and dry it after cleaning.
    • Waxing metallic surface helps maintain original shine and gives metal a pleasant look. Fingerprints should be avoided and use of gloves while waxing is recommended.
    Metallic Items Care Instructions

    Cotton Bedding

    Washing is suggested by washing machine in cold water with gentle cycles.Tumble dry low.Do not use bleach and warm iron if it is required.


    Wool Rugs/Nylon Rugs/Polyester Rugs(Indoor/Outdoor Use)

    • Shedding is usually observed in high quality wool rugs which is considered as normal. It is natural process which is inherent to the material and will decrease over time. The amount of shedding depends upon the pattern and usage frequency
    • Curled ends should be folded back in opposite direction till it matches with pattern direction.
    • Use of beater bar can damage your rug while using vacuum cleaner. It is suggested to turn off "beater bar"& choose the "bare floor" setting on your vacuum.
    • Rotating rugs every six months will help in avoiding uneven pattern and wear patterns.
    • Blot spills with a clean sponge or use soft cloth to absorb the spill. Mild detergent can be used for stains by testing on inconspicuous area first.
    • Professional cleaning is recommended in case of set in stains or as needed.
    Rugs Care Instructions