Verona 3 Seater Sofa Cum Bed with Storage

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Specification Details

Brand: Trendsbee

Dimensions: Sofa-H 34.7 x W 73 x D 37; Bed-H 34.7 x W 73 x D 75; Seating Height- Bed-16 Sofa-21 (all dimensions in inches)

Weight: 60 Kgs

Warranty: 12 Months’ Warranty

Assembly: Carpenter Assembly

Primary Material: Sheesham wood

Room Type: Bed Room

Height: 37.4 inches

Width: 72.0inches

Depth: 38.1 inches

SKU: TDSB23290232


TrendsBee is known as a world-class brand of home furniture and décor, born from a convergence of great design, product innovation, craftsmanship, and international furniture proficiency. A Sofa cum Bed is a multi-functional piece of furniture, it’s a sofa or divan by day, flipped into a double bed at night. Available in different styles like the simple foldable or the pullout or convertible version.

Furniture purchased from Trendsbee is dispatched for free and accompanies a 1 Year Warranty against any assembling deformities. We also provide you a 7-Day Easy Return window. So simply ahead and purchase with confidence.

Handling & Care

1 Year warranty for furniture items against manufacturing defects which excludes wear and tear

Always follow the recommended weight limit for products

Always use coasters or mats while keeping hot materials on the surface

Products can be dismantled and re-assembled multiple times in case of shifting/moving around furniture

Colour/polish can fade due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Avoid using abrasive materials like scrub pads for cleaning the surface as they may scratch the surface.

Use mild detergents with a soft sponge/cloth for cleaning stains. Pure alcohol can be used to clean stubborn stains followed with a mild detergent cleaning process. Note: For hydraulic beds, lifting the mattress platform may take some initial effort, especially if you have a heavy mattress. However, as the platform rises, the hydraulics will take over and you will have to exert less energy